A day in Rio

Travel bans may still be in place for those of us in the land down under, but that doesn't mean we can't reminisce of past travel, and dream of days ahead where we'll be able to boards planes to our favourite destinations again!

In the meantime - here is a day in Rio with us!

We took it to the streets to shoot part of our campaign, and it was the best day.

Rio is known amongst locals as Cidade Maravilhosa which translates to Marvellous City - Rio de Janeiro is indeed, a Marvellous city.

From the coastline to the nightlife, the to-do list while in Rio is plentiful.

We started our day off in Ipanema Beach, you might recognize it from the infamous Girl from Ipanema song, and if you don’t – go on, listen! We bet you will love it.

The beaches in Rio are split into Posto or Posts and Ipanema Beach is right on Posto 9, with its unique mosaics sidewalks to stroll through.

While we took it to the beach for a game of “altinha” where the girls saw how long they could keep the soccer balls up for (as any true Brazilian would!), There are plenty of other ways to keep busy in the area. 

From restaurants and bars right on the beach to local shopping a few walking steps away. The options are endless.

We then took the fun to the Botanical Gardens, where you can also find Parque Lage, which was originally a place of living for Nobles and Aristocrats but has been functioning as a Park and Restaurant since the twentieth century. A must-go if you are ever in the area!

In the early afternoon, we walked through some of the local neighbourhoods, exploring different streets, and taking in the beauty of heritage-listed houses and buildings.

We finally ended our day at Copacabana Beach, where we enjoyed delicious coconut water straight out of the coconuts, a very common drink just about anywhere in Brazil, and even more so at the beaches! 

We had the best day but ended it looking forward to endless things to still see in this beautiful city, where we hope to be back soon for more! 


Flores de Melo