Brazil-born Gabriella Melo is a passionate traveller, storyteller and bikini wearer. Now permanently based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she has lived in and travelled to some of the world’s most unique destinations. 

She refined her eye for European-style design while graduating from the Parsons School of Design in Paris, a branch of the highly respected Lower Manhattan design college in New York. 

With a strong belief in having an adventurous spirit, Gabby understands the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, being bold, feeling confident and living life spontaneously.

Flores de Melo was born from Gabby’s frustration in finding comfortable all-day swimwear to match the needs of her active & adventurous lifestyle. Your average high-street stores are filled with big-box brands offering oversized bottoms, uncomfortable tops and generic prints with no stories behind them. How often do you finally find a bikini to love, only to pull it out again come spring and see a sadly faded and elastic-decayed outfit, making you start all over?

After 3 years of intense researching, fabric sampling and print-method testing, Flores de Melo is committed to bringing you the brightest and most comfortable swimwear you’ve ever experienced!

Behind every piece there’s Flores de Melo artful storytelling. Each of our unique prints celebrates one of the more remote settings of the world, and for each design, we share our stories of the authentic cultures that inspired them. We hope this helps you feel a sense of wonder and joy as you wear them, just as we will remember our experiences for a lifetime.

Flores de Melo is for women who are confident in their own bodies, bold in their choices, and always on the lookout for an adventure. We celebrate your confidence, your body and your sense of fun!


Our Commitment to Sustainability.

Like all environmentally-conscious brands, we also do our part when it comes to giving back. Our connections in Brazil allow us to plant a tree there for every set of swimmers purchased.  As our stories evolve, so do we. Our packaging, of course, is fully recyclable.

We believe strongly that sustainability is not supported by single-season use. We’re proud to be producing swimwear suitable for extended wear, supporting our garments with a 3-Seasons guarantee.

To support the beach and marine environments that we love, with every order delivered we include a handy recycled bag. We encourage all our wonderful customers to keep our beaches clean so we can carry on enjoying pristine environments, sparkling beaches and plastic-free sea life.